All Alastar TDS-C firearms courses exceed the minimum criteria of civilian firearms courses.  Our NC Concealed Carry Course is no different. While meeting the state required 8 hours of class room instruction. It is then followed by a second day of training with 8 hours of marksmanship instruction completed with the North Carolina CCW Qualification shooting table. This provides you with up to 16 hours of current NC CCW instruction and training.

Alastar TDS-C instructors are current Special Operations Military and Special Tactics Law Enforcement personnel who carry firearms for a living.  Our instructors’ operational experience have them carrying concealed weapons and dealing with criminals and terrorists in places like Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Haiti, and high crime cities in the US.

Our CCW course not only qualifies you for the minimum requirements to apply for a CCW permit, it teaches the carry techniques of professionals who gained their firearms knowledge through real world experience.  Alastar TDS-C is the only company in Eastern North Carolina employing instructors with this experience and knowledge base.

The Alastar TDS-C CCW course goes way beyond the traditional CCW courses in Eastern NC.

Students will learn:

  • NC Law for concealed carry, storage, and use of a firearms in deadly force action
  • The 7 Fundamentals of Shooting
  • Safe handling and storage
  • Effective and safe concealed carry of a handgun
  • Proper selection of caliber, handgun, and ammunition type for defense
  • How to properly interact with Law Enforcement while carrying a firearm
  • Tactical Mindset and Situational Awareness

We urge all potential carriers of firearms to take our Level 1 and Level 2 Pistol Courses.  It is with a minimum of these two courses, coupled with our CCW, an armed citizen can be confident with his or her abilities to carry a firearm safely and be proficient with its use.


We have added a 2 day training combo pack.  Do you need your CCW (Concealed Carry Weapons) Permit and would like to receive more than the required pistol instruction… We have combined the ALASTAR CCW and LEVEL 1 Pistol Course for the beginner.  Also we have Combined the ALASTAR CCW and the LEVEL 2 Pistol Course.  This is a 2 day course.  Day one is the required 8 hours of class room instruction.  Day two is the Level 1 or 2 Pistol Course with the CCW Pistol qualification all rolled in together.  This is a great opportunity with some great savings.

Combo Pack Cost:  $225.00

NC CCW Permit Course Cost $125.00 (This is also a 2 day course, but you only shoot the CCW pistol qualification)

Course Requirements:

  • Eye protection (Rx if required)
  • Hearing protection (electronic, Peltor type, are recommended)
  • Handgun* (9mm semi auto / .38 Special revolver or larger)
  • Serviceable holster * ABSOLUTELY NO SHOULDER HOLSTERS *
  • 100 rounds of ammunition (brass casing,full metal jacketed, factory ammo is preferred)
  • COMBO PACK requires 400 rounds of ammunition
  • Suitable clothing – seasonal dependent
  • Reputable Background with no felony convictions

*Our training courses are realistic.  Therefore we require students complete our course with a handgun that will realistically be used in defense of oneself or others.