First Response – Trauma Management

Throughout history, war has inspired great advances in medical techniques and life saving procedures.  OEF and OIF are no different.  In fact, these conflicts have advanced trauma care further than all others combined.

Military and First Responder Courses

TCCC and Advanced Trauma Management 
Alastar TDS-C offers advanced training to Military, Law Enforcement, Fire/Rescue and EMS/Paramedics.  Based on the standard for trauma care, Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC), our courses are tailored to the unit’s requirements.

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Civilian Courses

First Response and Life Saving First Aid
When faced with life threatening injury, success is equated to knowledge.  In many cases of preventable death injury, the actions necessary to safe your own, or some on close you’s, life.  Emergency Services time to respond to your call may be too long to wait.  Your actions can save a loved one’s or co-worker’s life.  Our civilian first aid course presents the techniques used by special operations personnel to treat their wounded.

Many of our daily activities can lead to life threatening wounds.  Driving, boating, swimming, cycling, surfing and even playing on the playground can lead to broken bones and lacerations.   A laceration that divides a major artery can lead to death in minutes… in some cases, seconds.  In those few moments, knowing what to do will the make all the difference.

Attendees of this course will leave with a increased knowledge of basic anatomy and physiology, an understanding of what is needed to apply life saving self-aid and first aid in the critical first moments following an injury and before EMS can arrive.  It will also cover how to better interact with EMS when they do arrive, how to build a real first aid kit and where to get the needed supplies.  There is also a portion on improvised care, for when the first aid kit isn’t readily accessible.

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