Agility - the ability to change the body’s position efficiently, and requires the integration of isolated movement skills using a combination of balance, coordination, speed, strength, endurance and stamina.

Alastar TDS-C is advancing the tactical marksmanship world through human performance.  We’ve combined agility and balance drills used by the sports performance community to increase athletes’ results on the field with tactical marksmanship to create a training program that will advance your shooting and moving to the next level.

The tactical community recognizes the importance of balance, speed, and agility.  However, this is the only course that focuses on improving shooter’s athleticism in order to improve shooting.

In Alastar TDS-C’s Dynamic Agility Course, a shooter can expect to learn to decrease the time it takes to start and stop movement, change direction with no loss of balance, and fire well aimed shots while moving faster than thought possible.

Shooters will leave our Dynamic Agility Course with a understanding of how bio mechanics and movement patterns can increase accuracy and consistency and to incorporate athletic training with marksmanship training.

Video Demo

Dynamic Agility, and all Alastar TDS-C courses are available at your range.  Contact training@alastartds-c.com for more information about our Mobile Training Team (MTT) and scheduling of this course.

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