Alastar TDS-C is a service disabled, veteran owned company dedicated to presenting the most realistic, progressive training to beginner shooters to Special Operations Military and LEA personnel.

Alastar TDS-C offers a variety of shooting instruction.  Our courses range from basic to advanced  tactical pistol, basic to advanced tactical carbine, and basic tactical shotgun.

All our training courses are for the individual who wants to improve his or her shooting technique and effectiveness, no matter their skill level.  Our courses can be tailored to fit the individual, agency, or unit’s particular requirements and training goals.

We also offer private training courses for those who have specific needs in a more discreet training environment.  Contact us for details.

Alastar TDS-C is founded and staffed by former US Army and Marine Corps Special Operations members as well as Special Tactics Law Enforcement personnel.

Each member of our team has extensive real world experience.